Injury Conscious 

Whether you've sustained an injury, are recovering from surgery, or maybe just need gentleness, this area has videos, tips, and forums for us all to connect.

My Journey
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While skiing I sustained a tibia plateau compression fracture to my right knee, resulting in surgery and thus my recovery (read more about 'The Accident' here). While the injury was incredibly devastating, I realized there is a huge need and desire for injury conscious yoga and life tips in general. It's easy to feel alone on this journey, but instead we can support each other and share tips and knowledge to help along the way. I'm a registered yoga teacher practicing in Colorado. My passion and knowledge for physiology allows me to understand the mechanics of the body and how to assist in a full and happy recovery. 



of recovery 

(specifically knee fractures or total knee replacements)


In the initial stages of recovery, it is incredibly important to take care of yourself both physically and mentally. A healthy diet, drinking LOTS of liquids, and easy stretching are to keep you physically well. Mentally, try to keep a positive mindset. Be gentle with yourself and the situation. Find outlets that fuel your creativity. 


This middle stage is after you've had your wrapping removed (usually about 2 weeks post surgery). It's when you should be focusing on extension and flexion and be starting easy stretches. You want to be keeping your leg awake and engaged in life as much as you can! Maintaining good healthy habits will excel your progress.

Final Stretch

The final stretch is after you've been cleared to walk! Congratulations! From here, you want to continue to be gentle with your leg but also productive in recovery. Practicing stretches given by your PT, aquatic exercises, and stationary bikes are your main focus now. Be gentle and always listen to your body.

Stay tuned for final stretch videos,

I'm almost there!

Please note that I AM NOT A DOCTOR and I cannot replace or overshadow medical advice. 


My mission is to connect and share with others of all walks of life that are dealing with an injury or are limited in their movement. YOU ARE NOT ALONE :)

Below I've added a comment section for us all to connect. I'd love to hear your experience, and others visiting may connect with you too!

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