Often when people think of yoga they think of skinny, fit people contorted into crazy positions they didn't even know were possible. While those positions are aesthetically pleasing, they take years of practice to master, whereas simple, foundational yoga is accessible to all, it's just about knowing and utilizing variations. These yoga poses, called asanas in Sanskrit, only comprise 1 of the 8 limbs of yoga. Let's start there...

I love to refer to yoga as a "choose your own adventure." Every pose has a spectrum of variations that can allow for yogis of all skill levels to participate. The most important aspect of yoga is listening to your body. Yoga should never be painful, instead a balance between ease and effort. When your body begins to "talk" to you, before pain even arrives, this is its way of saying the stretch is too much and you should ease out of the pose slightly. Observe, listen, and love all that your body is capable of.